Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Kennebec Community Church, Augusta, ME


From New England
For New England

Grassroots is a unique gathering of harvest workers from the nearby fields. Teaching will feature relatable ideas and applicable truth, contextualized for ministry in New England. Imagine an event for pastors and leaders that is not just from and for megachurches: that is Grassroots.


A Church Health Conference

This is not a day to merely download clever tips and tricks. We will share our time between rich platform content and meaningful guided discussion around tables. Grassroots offers an uncommon combination of conference-style teaching and organic dialogue with fellow shepherd leaders - all with a goal of helping you in your local church.




Kennebec Community Church
20 Mission Avenue
Augusta, ME 04330

Event Schedule

Tuesday, October 3
8:30 am - Check-In
9:00 - Session 1
10:35 - Session 2
12:15pm - Lunch (provided)
1:15 - Whiteboard Sessions
2:20 - Session 3
3:15 - Head Home


Interested in discounted group registration (groups of 5 or more)?
Email alyssa@berea.org or call (603) 744-6344. - Open through September 5.

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