Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Kennebec Community Church, Augusta, ME


From New England
For New England

Grassroots is a unique gathering of harvest workers from the nearby fields. Teaching will feature relatable ideas and applicable truth, contextualized for ministry in New England. Imagine an event for pastors and leaders that is not just from and for megachurches: that is Grassroots.


A Church Health Conference

This is not a day to merely download clever tips and tricks. We will share our time between rich platform content and meaningful guided discussion around tables. Grassroots offers an uncommon combination of conference-style teaching and organic dialogue with fellow shepherd leaders - all with a goal of helping you in your local church.




Kennebec Community Church
20 Mission Avenue
Augusta, ME 04330

Event Schedule

Tuesday, October 3
8:30 am - Check-In
9:00 - Session 1
10:35 - Session 2
12:15pm - Lunch (provided)
1:15 - Whiteboard Sessions
2:20 - Session 3
3:15 - Head Home

Session Speakers & Whiteboard Topics

Session 1
Nate Parks - President/CEO, Berea Ministries
For New England

Where in the world are we?! In 1 Samuel 3:1, it says “and the Word of the Lord was rare in those days.” In many ways it seems like we live in a similar age - not because there is no light but because the darkness is so intense.  As Children of Light, our voice and light is needed more than ever.  How can our voice shine in this very dark world? Everyone has a different context to engage but the truth still remains that we need to reach our world.  Each local entity illuminating the place where they live, following their very own unique calling. Let’s explore this opportunity and challenge together.


Session 2
Dan Coleman & Staff, Kennebec Community Church
Bridging The Gap: Your Church & the Community

Inside our church buildings there is a message of hope, healing, and a Savior for all.  Outside of our churches we find a community that is bustling and busy - but broken and in need of salvation.  How can we cross the divide, connect with our communities, and share the gospel?  This session will examine the strategies we are using to connect with our community and share Christ.  

Whiteboard Sessions
Building Thriving Cultures in Smaller Churches - Rick Francis
Unpacking Outreach - Dan Coleman & the KCC Staff
Growing a Healthy Team Culture (with your volunteers and board) - Nate Parks

Session 3
Ryan Howell - President of Vision New England, Lead Pastor of Curtis Lake Church
My Saul Syndrome

Most of us, when looking at the life of Saul and David, imagine ourselves more like David than Saul. However, in ministry, relationships, hobbies, and quite honestly, just about every corner of my life, I find myself resonating more with Saul, even though I deeply want to be David. Rather than confronting giants, I often cower behind the luggage. Instead of trusting God’s plan for others, my eyes look with jealousy while my heart fills with insecurity. Over the past 20 years in ministry I have learned to recognize the signs of my Saul Syndrome and even learned how to manage the symptoms, so that every-now-and-then I might actually look like David, a person after God’s heart. Together, we will explore these signs and develop a healthier view of ourselves and our call in God’s Kingdom. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions please contact us!

Who and what organization(s) are behind Grassroots?

Grassroots is organized by Greenhouse, a division of the ministry of Berea.

Berea’s mission is to create and continuously develop programs which appeal to children, teens, adults and families such that they respond to the message of Jesus Christ and the life-changing principles of God’s Word within the context of meaningful relationships and memorable experiences.  To be brief, our goal is to change lives for Jesus Christ.

Additional information available at berea.org

The mission of Greenhouse is to create environments to help churches thrive. The goal for Greenhouse events is to unite and connect the mosaic of churches and parachurch ministries from greater New England. While Berea provides the foundation and support which makes Greenhouse possible, we are committed to not using this space exclusively for self-promotion.  Instead, we are seeking to foster a Kingdom movement that transcends any one of the many fantastic ministries from the Northeast.

Additional information available at greenhouse.training

In keeping with our partnership focus we have a handful of partnering ministries who are supporting this event including our host church, Kennebec Community Church, and the Baptist Convention of New England.


Why are you leading this effort? How will gatherings like this help Greenhouse/Berea to achieve its ministry goals?

We believe that the local church is God’s “Plan A” to change the world. Everything Berea does, every conference we run, every camp session we offer is crafted with this in mind. We are a ministry dedicated to helping churches in New England thrive. We do this from our original camp and conference center in New Hampshire, to our new property in southern Maine, to our Regional Events all over New England.

Grassroots joins a family of regional conferences we offer including Simply Worship (for worship & tech leaders), Lead Youth (for youth workers), and Lead Kids (for children's ministry workers) that have helped equip and connect over 2,000 ministry leaders in New England in the last year. Collectively between our camps, conferences, and guest groups we serve over 10,000 people and 500 churches annually.

Most of the churches we get to serve are normal (smaller) New England faith communities. Specifically with Grassroots and the community of pastors and church leaders we gather, our goal is to bring encouragement from Scripture, connection and conversation around tables, and God-honoring ideas that are working in our region.


How will this event help me lead my church? What does this offer that I’m not already getting in other ways?

There is no secret-sauce, silver-bullet, or 7 steps to awesome that we have to offer. Where we excel is in curation, contextualization, and connection.

Curation: we find, get to know, and help share the story of what God is already doing in our region.

Contextualization: we know New England. We are hopeful in what God is doing but also understand the unique challenges. We don’t just fly in authors to give book reports and talk about their million dollar budgets at their mega-churches. We choose fellow laborers in the nearby fields to give field reports.

Connection: our DNA is to network and build relationships. This isn’t a marketing strategy, it is a missional calling whether those we serve ever attend another event or environment.

Guests at Grassroots will meet amazing ministry leaders from their area code and within driving distance. You will get to know Jesus-loving, Bible-believing, ministers of the Gospel who share your passion to make disciples who make disciples. While we are far from perfect we know how to run conferences that are excellent and accessible.

The simplest way to sum it all up is that we are From New England. For New England.


Is this event for just the pastor? What about church staff, key lay leaders, church board/Elders?

The heart behind Grassroots has been to craft an event that helps church leaders. At the forefront of this mission is ensuring that content and conversations will help small church and/or solo pastors. This is part of why we chose to have people sit at tables: so we can connect solo pastors to other solo pastors. This is an often ignored or underappreciated group of church leaders who serve a critical role in New England!

With that in mind, we think the teaching and format of the day lends itself naturally to other church leaders attending. Some churches are bringing their entire staff team. Some are bringing a key Elder or critical lay leader. Once you register, you will receive a very brief survey which will help us arrange seating to maximize your experience and meet your preferences.